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French Cheese

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Yo !

France, we f**king love you, the Celtivales festival was literally packed to the brim with up-for-it french fans, when we’re told we were on first on the Saturday we envisaged the usual trickle of people through the door, but right from ┬áthe word go there was a full house of thousands, respect to you guys !!!!!

Thanks to the organisers for their very welcoming french hospitality of local booze (always goes down well with us), Cheese, Wine and impromptu horse and cart ride to the gig (a first :)

Anyways, we’ve got several enquiries we’re dealing with for international gigs next year and we’ll be kicking off the year by returning to Classic Grand in our hometown of Glasgow on Sat the 23rd of January, so we’ll see you there, but in the meantime keep playing ‘Third World War’ as loud as possible,

Love yous !

BOR xxx

Celtivales Crowd