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New Bags of Rock piper Announced, just in time for our first French outing….

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Major respect to everyone who attended the Cathouse at the end of last month to hear tracks from our latest album ‘Third World War’. An intimate wee gig from us in our hometown in a legendary rock venue is always a recipe for a good night!¬†We’re glad the vocal tracks are going down well as it’s been quite a jump for us going from an instrumental act to a full on vocal-led rock show, but we’re loving’ it and judging by the reaction it’s been the right choice for us, after all, there’s only so much you can say with with 9 available notes on the Bagpipes, ha !

On the subject of pipes we can now introduce our new piper ‘Chris Macdonald’. Grade 1 piper Chris has been a friend of the band since the beginning and has played with some of the guys in Bags of Rock’s cheesy wee brother ‘The Bag Rockers’, so we’re practicing our asses off at the moment to have him up to speed for our next show in France and all future bags of Rock performances – we’re sorting out a few more shows around the globe at the moment, all to be revealed soon !

Until next time keep it loud, and keep ‘Third World War’ louder !!!

BOR xxx


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